Why You Should Never Wait Until Morning to Fix Water Damage

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Whether it is from floods, heavy rains, hurricanes, or burst water pipes, you should never delay when it comes to getting your water damage fixed as soon as possible. Even if the immediate threat of more water is over, that does not mean what is there won't already be enough to cause serious damage. Before you seal off the area of your home or business that is damaged and go to bed for the night so that you can deal with it in the morning, here are a few reasons why you should call for a 24/7 water damage restoration contractor.

Adress Unseen Damage

What you see on the surface may be just the beginning when it comes to water damage. If you do have cracked pipes or there is a further build-up of water underneath what you can already see then this can get worse as the night progresses. The longer you wait, the more this will spread and eat into other areas of your home or business that might not already be affected, which only racks up a higher bill for you when you eventually do call for emergency water damage restoration. What you see might only be the tip of the iceberg, and you should always play it safe when it comes to water.

Avoid Mold and Bacteria Growth

It does not take long for dirty water to start becoming a hive for all sorts of nasty bacteria and this can also lead to mold growth too. Even just six to eight hours can be enough to see bacteria and mold progress past the point that it is safe for you to walk around in. If you leave it until morning then you can also see a large number of insects and other vermin get attracted to the dirty water, which is another problem you do not want to have to deal with on top of what you already have.

Fix Damage to the Structure

Most homes and businesses have quite a large wooden component in their structural frames, and while this timber is treated against water damage, that does not mean it is built to withstand being submerged for hours at a time. The fibers in your wooden structures can become very weak after becoming waterlogged and this can make the whole building unsafe. You need a 24/7 water damage restoration company on-site pronto so that they can pump out all the water and begin the process of drying your home. 

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