Makeover Your Home With A Rustic Design When Doing A Siding Replacement

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When your home exterior is worn and needs repairs, it is time for a siding replacement. The new siding can be a great opportunity to change the appearance of the exterior. If you want a more rustic look, there are options for veneers and finishes. The following siding replacement solutions will give your home a rustic look with a new finish:

Timber Lap Siding Designs

The most common type of siding that you see on homes is lap siding. These siding styles are available in natural woods, as well as modern vinyl and composite lumber materials. There are also options for the different types of woods that can be installed with lap siding. Options for a timber-style finish include:

  • Natural rough-hewn lap siding with unfinished edges
  • Composite lumber siding with a wood grain finish
  • Custom metal siding with a wood grain finish
  • Vinyl siding with a wood grain finish

The timber siding finish can be a great way to give your home a rustic look. If you are using natural wood, consider options like red cedar and white oak. These materials are more resistant to weather and decay.

Log Home Veneers

Another option for a rustic finish is log home veneers. These are affordable solutions to create the rustic log home design you are trying to achieve. There are also several options for log veneer siding systems, including:

  • Vinyl veneers
  • Split-log siding finishes
  • Tongue-and-groove log siding systems

The log home veneers are an affordable way to make your home look like a rustic log cabin. They can even be with modern vinyl materials. The vinyl and composites will last and never have problems with insects or rot.

Adding Timber Details

In addition to the siding, there are other details that can be added with the cornice and woodwork. These areas can have timber details added to them for a rustic look. Some of the timber details that you may want to add to the siding include:

  • False timber rafter tails
  • Custom timber brackets
  • Timber friezes and moldings
  • False timber beams

These details can help give your home a more personalized and custom design. Features like timber brackets can be handcrafted with decorative woodwork and carvings.

The new siding finishes for your home can be a great way to make it look more rustic. When you get ready to refinish your home's exterior, contact a siding replacement contractor and talk to them about these solutions.

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