Flood Cleaning Is A Major Undertaking When The Water Is Dirty And Your Home Is Wet For Days

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Cleaning your home after it's been flooded by a storm or other natural disaster is a big undertaking. Cleaning up floodwater damage is different than cleaning up after a burst plumbing pipe since floodwater may be contaminated. You may want to hire a restoration company to make the process easier on you and to ensure your safety. Here are ways a restoration company can help.

Pump Out Water And Mud

The water damage to your home could be significant if your house was flooded for days. You may even want a professional to go with you when you're allowed back on your property to help you look over your house safely.

Once the crew starts working, they'll probably wear protective equipment so they're not exposed to contaminants in the water, mold, or even snakes and other wildlife. They may need to pump water out of your house if it can't be removed with wet vacs. When the water is gone, the crew may need to shovel out mud brought in by the floodwater.

Since your electricity will need to be shut off, the restoration company may bring in a generator to power the equipment used to remove standing water and dry out your house.

Remove Water-Damaged Materials

When water is in a home for days, a major part of the cleanup may be to remove walls, flooring, furniture, and other materials that are soaked with water. Furniture and carpet are heavy when soaking wet, so it may be difficult to clear out your home yourself.

In addition to the physical labor the restoration company provides, they also have the experience to know what building materials need to be discarded and what can be repaired. They can also help you decide what personal items you want to rescue and restore and what you want to throw out.

Decontaminate Your House

Once everything is gone that has to be removed, your home needs to be sanitized. Everything the floodwater touched is contaminated. The restoration company may also need to remove mold on hard surfaces. Deep cleaning your house ensures your home will be safe to work in during the restoration phase and safe to live in once all the work is completed. Flood cleaning can be a lot of work due to mud, debris, and contamination that complicate the process.

Rebuild Your Home

A restoration company can replace flooring, walls, carpet, and other building materials destroyed by the flood. The complete process of restoring your home after a flood could take months depending on the amount of damage. Once finished, your home will look the same or even better. Most importantly, your home will be dry so you don't have to worry about mold growing silently behind walls or under carpet.

Talk to a property flood cleaning service for more information.

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