Repair A Countertop That Is Cracked

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Inadequate supports, poor craftsmanship, and the settling of your home's foundation can result in a hairline crack appearing in a countertop. This type of blemish will not detract much from the overall appearance of a counter, but can become a much deeper and longer crack if it is left untreated. Use some cleaning and patching tips to restore the countertop's surface.

Clean And Apply A Color-Matched Adhesive

If the counter is constructed of laminate or another solid material that is a specific color, purchase a color-matched adhesive, a hand sander, and a couple sheets of fine grit sandpaper. Solid counters are the easiest ones to repair, since the adhesive product that bears the same hue will fill the crack and blend in with the counter portions surrounding it. The area around and inside of the crack needs to be clean and dry, prior to applying the adhesive. Use a cotton swab to coat the crack with the adhesive. Move the swab slowly across the crack. Because a hairline crack will likely be more narrow in width than the tip of a swab, there will be some excess adhesive on the counter's surface. Use a damp rag to wipe away as much of the product as you can. Once the adhesive dries, use a hand sander to smooth the patched area. This step will aid with removing excess adhesive that was on top of the crack and wasn't removed with the rag.

Clean And Apply An Epoxy Product

If the counter is made of granite, quartz, or marble, an epoxy product will be needed to patch the crack. All of these countertop materials tend to contain inconsistencies in their patterns. An epoxy product may have a marbleized or creamy appearance and will match better than an adhesive that is a distinct hue. Clean and dry the crack and the surface surrounding it. If the epoxy comes in a small tube, place the tip of the product along one end of the crack and squeeze the contents, to release the epoxy. Move the tube along the crack and fill the damaged area. For a larger product dispenser, use a swab to apply the product. Once you have cleaned the excess from the counter, wait for the epoxy to dry. Use your hand sander to smooth the countertop. Dispose of sanding granules and clean the countertop's surface when you have completed the repair.

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