Five Things To Do Before A Flood

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Heavy rains and streams overflowing their banks are a real threat to some homes. If you live in a flood plain and high water is predicted, there are some things you can do to help mitigate water damage before it occurs.

1) Document Your Valuables

Insurance will typically cover flood damage if you have the appropriate policy, but you will need to document your losses. If floodwaters are expected to infiltrate your home, then take the time prior to the flood to get photo documentation of everything of value and the current state of the area that you expect to get flooded. You can also take video or make up a written list of the valuables if necessary.

2) Make a Repair Plan

After the waters recede, you and all of your neighbors will be scrambling to find a water damage repair service. If flooding is expected, do some of the legwork ahead of time and research the different services in your area so you can narrow it down to those that you would prefer to work with. The service may even be able to put you on their list of clients so that you can get them out to your property more quickly once the floodwaters recede.

3) Elevate Appliances

Certain appliances, like water heaters and furnaces, are often placed in the basement. This is also the place most likely to flood. Elevating these appliances, even if it is just a few inches, can help prevent them from being inundated if water does get into your basement. If you aren't comfortable doing this on your own, many water damage companies also offer damage mitigation services. Give one a call to get help with appliance elevation.

4) Protect the Irreplaceable

Some items are difficult or impossible to replace, like photo albums and important documentation. Even highly skilled water damage repair services cannot always save these items. There are waterproof safes and lockboxes available that will keep all moisture out of these items. Purchase one prior to a flood for these irreplaceable items, and then store it in an area of the home that is the least likely to suffer water damage.

5) Shut Down Sensitive Systems

During a flood, your electricity could actually become dangerous as water invades breaker boxes and other components of the electrical system. Turn off the power at the breaker box — preferably to the whole house but at least to the area most likely to be flooded. Water damage can be repaired, but fire damage can be devastating.

Contact a company that offers water damage services for more help.

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