Green Roof Components For Commercial Building Upgrades

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If you want to have a commercial building design that is efficient and environmentally friendly, a green roof system is ideal. These are specially designed roofs that have layers of soil and plants for a finish. There is more to a green roof system than the membrane and plants. They are going to require extensive planning and the right design. The following green roof components will be needed to upgrade commercial buildings with these roofing systems:

Impermeable Layers

The surface of the roof first needs to have an impermeable membrane installed. These membranes may be a thicker material than what is used on other lightweight construction. The impermeable layers can be a combination of spray coatings, including a spray foam insulation layer and an impermeable seal coat. These layers can then be covered with a rubber membrane. This will ensure the surface of the structure has the maximum amount of protection from water and moisture.

Roof Drain Tile System

Green roofs also need to have drain tiles installed. These roof drainage systems are different than conventional commercial roofing drainage. They are a series of specially designed drain tiles that allow water and moisture to drain off the roof. The roof drain tiles will then be covered with the first layer of aggregate materials. The gravel-like aggregate will allow the water to drain freely into the drain tiles that have been installed.

Root Barrier Systems

The green roof design of your building will also require a root barrier system. This will be installed on top of the drainage layer and will prevent roots from penetrating the roof. The root barriers are important if there are going to be plants that have extensive root systems. Additional root barrier solutions may be needed for larger plants like trees that have root systems that can cause structural damage.

Green Planted Finishes

The final component of a green roof system is the soil and plant layer. This is what creates an attractive finish for green roof systems. The roof layer can start with a lightweight soil mixture and then a layer of geotextile fabric to pant over. There are also options for modular green roof finishes. These modular systems are installed with trays that already have established plants in them. Modular systems are ideal for larger surface areas where a quick, cost-effective solution is needed.

The green roof design for your property can improve efficiency and provide rooftop green space. Contact a company like Tillotson Enterprise Inc to discuss these options to upgrade your business with a green roof.

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