Reasons Your Home Has Water Problems That Affect The Foundation And Repairs That Help

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A wet basement is unpleasant to deal with, and it can be a sign that the foundation of your home is in need of repairs. Your home can develop water problems for a number of different reasons. A damaged foundation can allow water to get into your basement and poor drainage of rain can cause foundation damage, so pinpointing the cause of your problems is important. Here are reasons your foundation could be having water issues and steps that may help the problem:

Possible Reasons For Foundation Issues

Water can get in your basement by rolling down a window that isn't sealed well. It can also enter through cracks in the concrete. Water can even seep through the walls of your basement due to the pressure of water contained in the soil that forces water through the concrete. If water is able to get near your foundation, it may find a way inside your house. Water accumulates near your home when your gutters aren't draining properly or when your landscaping keeps rain from draining away. The land around your home should always stay sloped so water from heavy rains flows away rather than puddling near the foundation.

Steps To Take For Foundation Waterproofing

If you can eliminate the source of the water problem, that may put an end to foundation troubles. If new foundation plants or missing gutter troughs are to blame, fix these problems and then have foundation repairs done if necessary to fill cracks that may have formed. If it's not possible to stop the water problem, then a foundation repair contractor will have to waterproof your basement to prevent further damage.

Waterproofing can involve filling cracks, sealing windows, painting the interior walls with waterproof coating, applying a waterproof membrane to exterior walls, and installing a drain on the outside of your home or in the basement floor. You'll work with your contractor to determine the best way to repair any damage done and to keep water away from your basement while working within your budget. However, repairing foundation damage and waterproofing your basement are high priorities since an ongoing water problem could cause serious damage to your home.

Ways To Prevent Future Problems

If a contractor applies a waterproof barrier to the walls or installs a drain system, then a wet basement should be a thing of the past. However, you'll want to make sure your system doesn't develop problems or the water issues may return. For instance, if you have a sump pump installed, maintain the pump properly so it doesn't fail during heavy rain. You'll also want to check an exterior drain occasionally to make sure it's draining properly and isn't clogged with roots that block water flow.



You can reach out to companies that provide cracked foundation repair services for more information.



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