2 Subtle Signs You Have Hidden Mold Growing In Your Home

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If you have recently had any flooding or water leaks in your house, you may be concerned about the possibility that there is mold growing somewhere inside. However, since you have not actually seen any growth, you may be left wondering if the growth may be hidden. If so, look for the following signs that you may have hidden mold growing in your home.

1. Skin Constantly Feels Like Bugs Are Crawling on It

One sign that you may have hidden mold in your house is when you and/or other members of your household complain about how their skin feels. The tingling, itchy feeling that is being experienced may feel as though bugs are constantly crawling over your skin.

When mold grows, it releases spores and mycotoxins into the air. While you may not be able to see either of these microscopic particles, they can infiltrate the air.

Especially if you or a member of your family has a sensitivity or allergy to mold, these particulates will irritate the skin. Even if no obvious symptoms, such as a rash appears, your skin can still be affected.

Along with the creepy-crawly feeling on the skin, you may also notice an increase in watery eyes or sneezing while you are in your house. However, once you leave your home for a few hours, the symptoms and feeling will disappear, only to return once you go back home.

2. Paint/Wallpaper on the Walls Start to Bubble with No Explanation

Another sign that you may have mold hiding in your walls is when you start to notice that the paint or wallpaper has started to bubble up. After investigating any obvious causes, such as a leaking roof, you may not be able to find any explanations.

If so, there may be mold growing in the walls that is starting to push out to the surface directly beneath the wall covering. As the mycotoxins and gases from the fungal growth are released, they can push up on the paint or wallpaper, detaching it from the wall and causing it to bubble up. Eventually, the area will start to darken and stain as the mold growth increases.

Along with the above signs, if you also start smelling a musty odor in your home, you most likely have growth hidden somewhere within the structure. Contact a company near you that offers mold remediation services to have them test your home and discuss your options for getting rid of the fungal growth if any is found.

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