The Risks That Make Professional Water Damage Restoration A Necessity

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After a home becomes flooded, regardless of the source of the water, it is recommended that homeowners have a professional water damage restoration company come in and clean up the space. You may wonder why you can't just do this work yourself. The main reason behind this is that water damage can create a lot of risks, and professionals are best poised to manage those risks, keeping you and your family members safe. So — what are those risks? Take a look.

The Risk of Mold Growth

Mold is perhaps the best-known consequence of moisture in a home. If the water damage is not addressed quickly and perfectly, you are very likely to get mold in your home. If you have already put up some new wall boards, flooring, or other materials, then the mold might grow behind these surfaces and go undetected for a while. Then, when you find out you have mold, you will have to take down these materials, clean things up, and replace the building materials again. This will cost a lot more than just having the home professionally cleaned up in the first place. And no, you can't just ignore the mold — it will cause breathing problems, nausea, and sometimes far worse.

The Risk of Bacterial Growth

Bacteria also like to grow wherever there is moisture. Even if the water that poured into your home was clean water, there were probably some bacteria on some of the surfaces in your home, and the moment those surfaces got wet, those bacteria started breeding rapidly. Some species of bacteria cause nasty odors. Others can infect your skin and cause boils. The moral of the story is: you don't want them there! A water damage restoration company will ensure the water is cleaned up fully so that bacteria cannot keep growing and putting your family at risk.

The Risk of Weakened, Damaged Structures

Some materials are weakened by water exposure, even if you happen to be able to dry them out. For instance, some ceiling materials may be prone to cracking and crumbling after water exposure. A water damage restoration team will know what materials need to be replaced and which ones can be preserved, so you don't end up with a mess or with broken building materials months later.

Hiring a water damage restoration team is all about reducing your risk. It's simply the safest approach you can take after any sort of flooding.

Reach out to a local water damage restoration service to learn more.

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