Managing Your Restaurant Kitchen's Maintenance Needs

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A restaurant is a labor-intensive business to operate. In addition to the work that will be needed to keep guests of the establishment satisfied, you will also need to handle a variety of maintenance tasks. This is especially true when it comes to the restaurant's kitchen as it will experience some of the most intense wear.

Understand the Costs and Benefits of Effective Kitchen Maintenance

Effective restaurant kitchen maintenance can be important for reducing the risk of the restaurant suffering a major equipment failure that could hamper the service it provides or result in extremely expensive repairs. If some of your kitchen equipment is protected by warranties, effective maintenance is likely to be a requirement for the coverage to continue. If the equipment suffers malfunctions related to improper maintenance, it is extremely unlikely that the warranty will still be effective, which may leave you fully responsible for the costs to repair the equipment.

Create a Schedule of Maintenance Tasks Your Workers Can Safely Perform

Much of the maintenance work that the kitchen equipment will require can be done by your employees. For example, cleaning the filters that are responsible for containing the smoke from the grill or range is something that your employees may be able to do if the filter is located where it can be easily reached. Walk-in coolers can be another important appliance to maintain as they can be expensive to repair and may lead to sizable loss of stored food if a failure occurs. A common issue with walk-in coolers will be the seals that keep air from escaping the sides of the door will need to be replaced due to the wear that they will experience from the door being opened. Luckily, it can be possible for your employees or managers to handle replacing these door seals on their own. By thoroughly identifying all of these types of tasks that your workers can safely do, it will be possible to create a schedule that will ensure as much of this basic maintenance is being handled.  

Hire a Professional Restaurant Kitchen Maintenance Service

Unfortunately, there are many maintenance tasks that your workers will simply be unable to do on their own. Whether this is due to the safety hazards of working on these pieces of equipment or the risk of the equipment becoming damaged, it will often be best to hire professional restaurant kitchen maintenance services for these tasks. Some common examples of tasks that may be too dangerous or advanced for your employees to do can be calibrating electric ranges to operate as consistent temperatures or emptying the grease traps for the plumbing.

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