Did Your Bathtub Overflow And Flood Your Bathroom?

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If your bathtub's overflow drain failed and water flooded into your bathroom, you want to clean up the room before mold sets in. You also want to take steps to keep your bathroom safe from water damage in the future. Learn why you need to clean up your bathroom now.

Why Do You Need to Act Fast?

Mold doesn't take long to show up after a flood. Even the smallest amount of water can attract mold. Once mold takes over your bathroom, it can quickly branch out to other rooms in your home, including places you can't see.

In addition to mold, water can and will damage your bathroom's subfloor, tile, and other structures. If your subfloor becomes too soft or spongy, it won't be able to support your toilet, sinks, and bathtub properly. You'll need to tear out and replace your subfloor to make your bathroom safe to use again.

These are just a couple of reasons you need to clean up your wet bathroom and secure your bathtub right away.

What Actions Should You Take Today?

As mentioned above, you don't have long before mold takes over your bathroom. You can take action yourself to dry out your bathroom, or you can call a water restoration company for assistance. A water restoration company can address the situation in your bathroom in a timely manner.

A water restoration team will do several things after they arrive at your home:

  • determine the type of water inside your bathroom and use the appropriate methods to treat it
  • dry out your bathroom to prevent mold and wood damage 
  • assess the damage in your bathroom 

After the contractors complete the things above, they'll restore your bathroom. If the contractors find substantial damage in your walls, subfloor, or sink cabinets, they'll remove the structures from the bathroom. You can replace the structures after the contractors finish drying and cleaning your bathroom. This may be the perfect time to install water-resistant flooring in your bathroom. Water-resistant flooring can help keep water out of your subfloor in the future.

Contractors may also suggest you install a new overflow drain in your bathtub. You may want to clean or replace the plumbing pipe inside your bathtub as well. Clogged plumbing pipes may cause overflow drains to back up over time. If you need help securing your bathtub or cleaning your plumbing pipes, consult a water damage company immediately.

If you need to clean up and restore your wet bathroom, call a water restoration team for the help you need today.

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