4 Fire Damage Restoration Improvements to Get the Smell Out and Reduce Fire Hazards in Your Home

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Restoring your home after a fire is going to take a lot of planning and work to get the job done. When doing the repairs, you are also going to have to clean and will want to consider improvements to reduce hazards. The following fire damage restoration improvements will help you get rid of the fire smell and reduce hazards:

1. Removal and Deep Cleaning of Materials That Have Been Anywhere Near the Fire

When you clean up the water, ash, and charred materials, you will have to remove damaged materials. You want to expose everything that has not been touched by the fire or damaged by heat. You want to remove anything that has any sign of heat damage or residue from the smoke. Once you have raw materials like wood framing exposed, clean the area repeatedly to ensure the smell of smoke is gone when repairs have been finished.

2. Replacing Materials That Can Be Restored but May Still Leave the Smell of Fire Behind

Sometimes, materials can be restored when there has been a fire because there may only be a little smoke damage to the surface. This type of damage is often cleaned up with smoke damage restoration, but sometimes odors of the fire may be left behind.

3. Adding Fire Suppression Systems to the Kitchen and Other Fire Prevention Solutions to Stop Fire from Spreading Again

There are some areas of your home that are more vulnerable to fire, such as the kitchen. These are areas where you will want to consider fire suppression systems to prevent damage. In addition, you will want to do other improvements like fire stops that prevent a fire from spreading if there is ever a fire again.

4. Using Fire-Resistant Materials That Will Prevent Fires and Protect Your Home from Damage

Fire-resistant materials can prevent a fire from starting and spreading. Therefore, wherever there is a fire hazard and you want to protect your home, you will want to use these materials. Some of the options that you may want to use include, brick, stone, and tile materials. There are also woods that have a fire-retardant treatment for things like fire stops and other structural elements that are hidden behind these finishes.

These are some of the improvements that can be done with your fire damage restorations to help get rid of smells and prevent future hazards. If a fire has recently caused damage to your home, contact a fire damage restoration service for help with the repairs that need to be done.

To learn more about fire damage repair, contact repair company in your area.

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