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Water damage is something that can happen to your home and everything in it by way of many different possible sources of water and moisture. If you end up with water issues, then it must be cleaned up immediately in order for you to prevent lasting water damage from occurring. Learning about the various ways water damage can happen can help you to quickly determine where your problem originated so you can place immediate focus on the most crucial area first.

Causes of water damage

Roof leaks – If there is a leak in your roof, then rainwater can enter right into the home via that leak. One leak can allow in a lot of water. The water may hit a lot of areas on its way from the roof to the ground inside of the home. Beginning with the attic and ending with the flooring, there can be a lot of damage done.

Plumbing issues – There are many different ways plumbing issues can cause water damage. You can end up with a pipe that bursts, have a pipe leaking that continues to cause issues until it is found and repaired, have a toilet overflow, and have leaks around the showers and sinks.

HVAC issues – Air conditioners can cause issues in the area of water damage due to moisture accumulation and possible leaks.

Basement floods – If not properly waterproofed, water can end up coming inside of the basement when it rains or via the sprinkler system. You may not go into your basement often, and this means you might not find a water issue until you finally go into the basement, or until you begin to see the water damage making its way into the upper portion of the house, which will eventually happen.


No matter how many precautions you take to try to prevent water damage in your home, there is still the chance that something can happen since there are so many different ways that water can end up in the house where it can damage things. If you notice anything going on in your home with regard to water in areas where it shouldn't be, you are going to want to have the water cleaned up and any water damage taken care of immediately. If you don't act quickly enough, you can end up with everything from mold and rotted wood in the home to damaged furnishings and other belongings. Call a water damage cleanup service today to get help.

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